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Octane is a marketing technology company that provides a state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform. India's no. 1 email marketing service provider.

Annual India e-Marketing Research Report 2011

annual india e-marketing 2011

Report No: AIE2011

Price: USD 999

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Octane Research team is pleased to announce the launch of its much awaited research report “Annual India e-Marketing 2011”. This benchmarking study by Octane Marketing, first of its kind, sets out to understand the trends and technologies impacting e-marketing (Email marketing and SMS marketing) in India in 2011.

To order your copy of printed report, write to us at

The full report features sections on:
    What India Thinks?
  • • Current Scenario of e-Marketing in India
  • • ROI on e-Marketing Channel
  • • Outlook for 2011
  • • Investment plan for 2011
    Benchmark Study on Email Marketing in India
  • • Top 3 factors impacting Deliverability
  • • Power of Segmentation of Email Marketing
    Multi-channel communications
  • • Integration of social media, sms and email
  • • Power of synergy and multi-channel integration (Email with SMS and Social media)
    Top 10 Questions Answered in the Annual India e-Marketing 2011 research report
  • 1. Which online marketing activities will see an increase of your marketing investments in 2011?
  • 2. How effective do you think was your email/SMS marketing program in 2010 in meeting the agreed goals?
  • 3. By what percentage do you want to increase your budget for Email/SMS marketing in upcoming year 2011?
  • 4. Approximately what percentage of marketing/sales budget was allocated to email/SMS marketing in 2010?
  • 5. What are the most significant email challenges you faced in 2010?
  • 6. Which are the most important factors that impact your inbox delivery rates?
  • 7. What email activities are you implementing to reduce the effects of inbox clutter?
  • 8. Which of following segmentation techniques do you plan to implement in upcoming email marketing campaigns?
  • 9. What do you think about the influence of integrated email and SMS campaigns on conversion rates (i.e. product sales, subscriber registration, whitepaper downloads, etc.)?
  • 10. How important for you is integrating email marketing and social media?

In the Annual India e-Marketing 2011 research report, you’ll receive insights from leading marketers’ to make informed campaign decisions, identify right service providers and forecast e-marketing budgets for FY 2011-12.

    Highlights from the new report include:
  • • Primary research survey results, providing outlook of 250 leading marketers from India.
  • • Charts with analytical commentary.
  • • Benchmarks on E-marketing marketing tactics, research, budgets, and ROI.
To order your copy of printed report, write to us at