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Octane is a marketing technology company that provides a state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform. India's no. 1 email marketing service provider.

Are you overlooking some of the “new essentials” necessary for success in today’s complex email marketing world?

Today’s savvy marketers must navigate through a complicated landscape of shifting customer expectations, challenging new technologies, evolving government regulations and other issues old-school direct marketers never had to face. There’s a lot at risk for those who don’t follow the essential rules of email engagement – from undelivered emails and missed sales opportunities, to blacklisting and beyond. Octane’s workshop on ‘Email Marketing New Essentials’will help you reduce those risks and conquer email marketing challenges. We will discuss contemporary best practices that can help you get the most from your email marketing efforts. We will discuss the various methods to obtain email addresses, send out html/text emails, track each Email Campaigns effectiveness, and use the data to fine-tune your email marketing strategy.

Specifically we will cover the following topics:

  • How to write your e-mail marketing plan
  • How to develop and fine-tune an e-mail marketing campaign that works for your business
  • How your e-mail deployment system should work
  • How to avoid getting ‘blacklisted’ by the SPAM lists and ISPs (Internet Service Providers)
  • What is the meaning of opt-in, and how opt-in lists might still be considered spam
  • Where to find lists for your e-mail campaign, and what tools are there for you to develop a more comprehensive list of prospects
  • How to design campaigns that are consistent in brand and message throughout all your Web programs
  • How to write winning content
  • The various techniques that can be used to target segments of your lists at various intervals
  • How to measure e-mail marketing effectiveness and other online marketing campaigns
  • How to implement data-driven marketing processes
  • What to measure, how to measure, and how to use the information
  • How to use e-mail to enhance all other marketing channels and points of contact
  • How to integrate email and SMS in your campaigns for 100% deliverability and improved response rates
  • After successful completion of this workshop, the marketers will have a detailed understanding of how the industry’s greatest practitioners use e-mail to achieve their marketing objectives, and how they can execute successful campaigns themselves. Participants will review e-mail as a marketing medium and understand the common factors underlying the success of e-leaders. They will learn how to assemble the building blocks of successful e-mail marketing campaigns. The marketers will learn from practical insights on how to create effective customer profiling programs which essentially will increase the success of your permission based email marketing programs

    Who should attend

  • Senior marketing leaders who want an executive update on the ‘killer app’ of online marketing
  • Mid-level marketers who want to learn and get a detailed understanding of the changes in email marketing landscape and the emerging best practices
  • Duration

    Level 1: 3 hours in a classroom study mode


    Rs. 1,00,000.00 plus taxes (for the Instructor fees and the course material) for a maximum of 6 participants

    Study workload for participants

    2 hours before the workshop and 3 hours during the workshop


    To know more about Email Marketing Power Workshop click here.