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Octane is a marketing technology company that provides a state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform. India's no. 1 email marketing service provider.

Power of One: integrated email, sms and social media messaging

Marketing has moved from ‘getting the message out’ to ‘creating a conversation and a dialogue’ with the customer community. In this context, the role of an online marketer is changing from ‘batch and blast’ processing to creating ‘listening posts’ and ‘dialogue hubs’ in the communities. To reach this goal, a marketer needs to leverage the power of various communication channels and technologies- be it email, sms or social media. We have seen that email and sms offer some very unique advantages:
  • Laser like deliverability
  • Intimate channel
  • Useful for alerts
  • Simple tracking
  • CRM integration
  • All pervasion mobile
  • 160 character limit
  • Bad reputation
  • Costly interactivity@3Rs.
  • No online intergration
  • No graphic or images
  • No hyperlinks
  • Very basic tracking
  • No social media
  • Email
  • Assured deliverability and tracking
  • Personalized channel
  • Opt-in and Opt-out options
  • Interactive
  • Advance tracking
  • Free two way communication
  • Drives online traffic and sales
  • Brand experience: Images / Layouts/ Experience which reinforce brand value
  • Advance integration with Web, CRM and Social media
  • No cost of the recipient
  • PC, web and smartphones
  • Subscriber lists need time to build up
  • In-house resource stretched to run a 24X7 operations
  • Needs continuous monitoring of servers/IP addresses
  • No longer does a marketer have to use multiple systems to send out email or sms messages. Octane’s Power of One engine integrates all of these customer communication channels in two ways. First, Using Octane’s marketing platform, a marketer can leverage the sum total impact of sms, email and social media and send out communication/campaigns in one easy way. Second, Octane provides ‘out of the box’ integration for social media (twitter, facebook etc.) email content thereby making it easier for the community to share the message with others. This results in viral spread making a larger impact of the marketing message through ‘earned media’.

    The empowered marketer can see the impact of campaigns using a single standard tool for all channels-email, sms or social media. Octane’s Power of One is available across all editions.