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Octane is a marketing technology company that provides a state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform. India's no. 1 email marketing service provider.

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RAI & Octane Marketing Publish their Annual Report on India Retail Marketing 15/06/2016 Octane Marketing Private Limited

RAI & Octane Marketing Publish their Annual Report on India Retail Marketing

85% of India retailers vote email marketing as the best channel for customer engagement New Delhi, Delhi, India – Business Wire India Octane Marketing celebrates ReTechCon (Retail Technology Conclave), organized by Retailers Association of India (RAI) by releasing the 4th Annual Retail e-Marketing Research. With an ardent participation from more than 105+ Retailers and 95+ companies across India, this industry study encapsulates the present state of digital Retail Marketing in India and aspirations for 2016. A path to revolution 2016 India Retail e-Marketing Study: A Path to Revolution, explores how marketing budgets and technology investment priorities are changing as retailers continue to develop more targeted & personalized digital experiences across channels. The research also explores how mobile is emerging as the nexus for omni-channel retail initiatives. Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO of RAI, commented, “Retail is one of the few sectors in India which has been showing promising signs of digital innovation. One of the key driving factors being the new & evolving digitally savvy consumers.” Octane Marketing Director & Co-Founder, Punit Modhgil, underscored this point, “Retailers will have rethink shopper loyalty to create reasons for shoppers to come to their stores. And this is where digital marketing is helping to create sustained engagement with like-minded consumers who either buy online or find a reason to visit a retail store. In addition, it helps generate qualified leads and is equipped with smart analytics that helps retailers track the ROI of their digital investments.” Some of the key findings of this 2016 report are: 1. Primary Marketing Goal of 2016: Customer Acquisition has been observed to be the central priority of India retailers (51%), for 4th year in a row. 2. Focus on Online & Offline Marketing: 44% retailers showed keen interest in implementing an equal mix of online and offline marketing activities. However, with digital being the new currency in the industry, online presence has ranked first on their priority list. 3. Importance of Email Marketing: 85% retailers agreed that email marketing gives them better consumer engagement and is important for them. 4. Importance of Mobile in Marketing Plan: 94% retailers have embraced mobile as a part of their marketing strategy. 5. Cart Abandonment Program (CAP): This new initiative witnessed implementation by 3x more retailers over the past year. The numbers highlight the importance of such strategies to lower cart abandonment rates and improve conversion of online carts to orders. With a rapidly growing internet penetration, online retailing in India is expected to reach USD 1.7 billion as per industry estimates, at a CAGR of 10% by 2017. RAI & Octane Marketing’s research seeks to give insights into how retailers in India can leverage this growth. About Retailers Association of India (RAI) Retailers Association of India (RAI) is the unified voice of Indian retailers. RAI is a not-for-profit organization (registered under section 25 of Companies Act, 1956) that works with all the stakeholders for creating the right environment for the growth of the modern retail industry in India. RAI has a three charter aim of Retail Development, Facilitation and Propagation. About is India’s first multi-channel platform for integrated Digital 1:1 marketing campaigns on Email & SMS. Marketers can send integrated multi-channel (Email, SMS, Social and Web) campaigns on a clean, spam-free marketing platform, built on intelligent software which is available on demand (pay as you go, zero upfront cost, zero lead time to start) or onsite (deployed at location). It is a powerful, up-to-date campaign software backed by a 24×7 IP reputation management service, on a highly scalable & enterprise-class secure platform for even the most demanding customer campaigns. For News Release background on Octane Marketing Pvt. Ltd. click here. Photo Caption: 4th Annual Retail e-Marketing Research 2016 CONTACT: Swati Mehta, Octane Marketing India, +91-9971500449,