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Octane is a marketing technology company that provides a state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform. India's no. 1 email marketing service provider.

Reporting and Analytics

    Google Analytics Integration
  • Now your email campaign can be tracked with Google Analytics, giving you full integration for number of visits, goals and e-commerce conversions.
    Email Bounce Tracking
  • Bounces are handled for you automatically and you can view reports showing which email addresses bounced, when and why.

    Unsubscribe Reporting
  • See unsubscribe statistics for each email campaign you send.You can view the details of everyone who unsubscribed.
    Goal Tracking
  • If you use Google Analytics on your website, add Google Analytics tracking to your Octane campaigns to track clicks from your campaigns all the way to purchases on your website. If you want to track purchases, you’ll want to be sure Google Analytics is set up to track conversions. Know more.

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