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What is ‘Transpromo’ & why marketers should use it!

A word that has its origin from two different words ‘transactions’ and ‘promotions’ is steadily making its presence felt in the marketing world. A relatively new form of direct marketing which many companies have started using, ‘Transpromo’ has evolved as a somewhat guerrilla kind of marketing. This concept provides an opportunity to blend marketing messages with must read transactional messages like bills, statements and invoices to influence behaviour and ultimately drive business volume. Promotions piggyback on the importance of the information being shared with the customer and provide a great new touch point for marketers looking to share something new.

Statistics reveal that 95% of such transaction related documents are actually opened and read and this creates a huge potential for Transpromo initiatives. But to really influence the consumer behaviour and to drive business volumes through Transpromo, the marketing messages need to be just as personal and relevant as the transaction document itself. Relevancy, like in any kind of email campaign, increases the likelihood of a positive or desired behaviour from the recipient.

Doing Transpromo activities has various advantages, for example:

  • It carries a high level of certainty that the message actually reaches the recipient. Transactional documents usually contain important information which needs review and so on an average, a consumer would spend atleast a minute or so reading the document which is good enough for marketers to try catch the consumer’s attention with an added promotion.
  • It is a cost efficient method of direct marketing as it makes use of on-going email marketing and eliminates the cost of paper.
  • The messages can be strategically planned according to the recipients. Like they can be designed for a particular business sector or for a specific time frame or for a particular city/region. This helps in reaching the prospective customers in a much easier and relevant way.
  • Some transactional documents like bank statements and bills are viewed repetitively for review which helps in gaining multiple opportunities to grab the interest of the consumer.

So there are quite a few advantages of doing Transpromo but with every such unique concept, there are also its challenges. Lets take a look at a couple of them:

  • The messages being communicated by using Transpromo techniques should be consistent and related to the communications usually sent by the company to their consumers. Inconsistency in the messages may confuse the consumer and might even lead to legitimate emails being considered as spam.
  • Tight control has to be maintained by the company deploying Transpromo campaigns to make sure that the right information is sent to the right customer at the right time. As mentioned before, relevancy is key and personalisation is a great advantage but only if done correctly.

Marketers are always looking for innovative ways to communicate their messages and Transpromo offers unique opportunities to get front and center in the mind of the consumer riding on the importance of transactional emails/messages. If used correctly and responsibly, it can lead to more conversations, leads and conversions for any kind of business in both offline and online environments.

If you have transactional touch points with your customers, do try some transpromotional activities and see the response.


-Team Octane

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