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Octane is a marketing technology company that provides a state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform. India's no. 1 email marketing service provider.

Archived Newsletters

Email Deliverability is all about how you measure the success of your emails reaching the inbox without bouncing, or being marked as spam.
Most marketers are familiar with the concept of segmentation, but there are marketers who overlook this strategy in their own campaigns.
According to our research, Mobile Consumer: India 2017 the number of smartphone users are expected to reach 340 million by the end of 2017 thereby accelerating the growth of m-commerce in the coming years.
If you ever wondered how to make the best out of your email marketing, here are the best and most common tips and practices to engage and nurture your customers.
Here’s a look back at the major movers and shakers of Digital Marketing in India and Octane Marketing.
With the new announcement of Gmail supporting responsive mailer design, Google has made it easier for all marketers to give the best mobile experience to their user.
Reaching out to new and segmented audiences has never been easier. Grow your digital acquisition with ReachRight’s powerful audience marketing tools.
Reaching out to new and segmented audiences has never been easier. Grow your digital acquisition with ReachRight’s powerful audience marketing tools.
How to claim your lost e-Commerce revenues by converting Abandoned Online Carts into Orders?
Launched today at @Retailers Association of India #ReTechCon2016.
An average user picks up their device 85 times a DAY – twice as often as they realise.
8 Tips to take your Email Marketing to the next level.
A new offering from which lets marketers send contextual and agile email content that can be dynamically changed & personalised based on subscriber behavior.
It was an honour to receive an award and recognition for our case study on Aditya Birla’s Madura Fashion, at the India Digital Summit, for its online venture
So get your monthly share of exclusive and timely tips and tricks, marketing insights, and useful ideas on how to make your campaigns even more successful.
Digital India Annual State of Online Marketing in India 2016 (#VoIM).
Internet users in India have crossed 400mn+ in 2015. Here’s a list of research reports we did this year, capturing viewpoints of over 1000+ Marketers in India, we are sure you would have seen many of these across the year, but in case you missed them, click to Download.
How to claim your lost e-Commerce revenues by converting Abandoned Online Carts into Orders? Read why India consumers abandon as high as 80% of their shopping carts online and how marketers in India are deploying retargeting and automated campaigns to win back such shoppers.
Do you know that each 1 rupee invested in email is estimated to be delivering rupee 95 worth of revenue impact in India?
55% of India Marketers are leveraging Email Marketing to build meaningful relationships with their customers. Are you?
Analysis of over 10 bn emails sent in India by nearly 300 brands from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014, discover the latest email benchmark data on open rates, click-throughs and list churn, and get insights on email marketing in India.
We would like this opportunity to thank the 465 marketers who participated in this study with the support of RAI (Retailer’s Association of India), DMAi (Direct Marketing Association of India) and IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India).
From past one year Gmail has thrown in so many changes and it has been a roller coaster ride for all marketers. Before you are able to catch-up to one variation, another task is waiting for you to churn your brains.
Google has done it again! Here comes Gmail’s ‘Action Buttons’. Gmail’s Action Buttons allows a user to take action on an email before opening it.
Behavioural Targeting is the new feature on Octane Platform which allows marketers to send new campaign on the basis of the past campaign’s subscriber behaviour. A marketer can now send targeted emails to his/her subscriber list keeping in mind their Open, Click and Un-Opened activity for any campaign that was sent in the past. In future this will help marketers to get the best out of their email campaigns.
Octane is doing a survey to analyse the effectiveness of Online Travel Agents (OTA) and understand the traveller’s path to purchase. We are asking consumers about their buying behaviour online when it comes to travel.
We are thrilled to announce that our Annual India e-Marketing Research Report 2014 – Igniting Engagement is now available for free viewing (HTML format) and download (PDF format) from our website.
After releasing two reports that covered the macroscopic view of the State of e-Marketing and Email Marketing in India as a whole, we went ahead further and analysed data which resulted in the creation of a more focussed research report called ‘CTR eTail 2014 – State of Email Marketing in Retail Online in India’.
It’s that time of the year once again when we at Octane pour over data from our expansive annual e-Marketing survey, pivot long charts, crunch numbers, make graphs, design pages and launch the latest version of the Annual India e-Marketing Outlook.
In this era of fast moving and evolving technology and content on demand; there are multiple options for smart consumers to gather relevant and important information about products or services.
Data Security & Privacy is one of the most fundamental cornerstones of any software, service or technology company today.
As marketers, we all know that subject lines are one of the most important drivers for getting email campaign ‘opens’.
The world is becoming ever more mobile, with people taking along their digital lives with them and always looking to be connected on the move.
Some of you may know that Yahoo! recently announced a huge change in their email policies and Google rolled out their new tabbed inbox for Gmail on desktop as well as mobile devices.
With the Octane dashboard, we’ve completely changed the way in which you view and analyse your campaign’s performance.
We here at Octane are proud to announce the release of a collaborative Octane and RAI report titled “Indian Retail e-Marketing Study 2013 – Opportunities, Challenges & The Path Ahead”.
Octane was pleased to support the DMAi with their presentation of Michael Leander’s ‘Amplexus 29 Proven Techniques Actionable Digital Marketing Seminar’ on the 23rd of April 2013.
Today, we are proud to announce that our Annual India e-Marketing Research Report 2013 – Spark the Surge is now available for free viewing and download from our website.