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The Octane User Group

After the overwhelming success of the first edition of The Octane User Group in Mumbai, we returned to the city that never sleeps for another great session of knowledge sharing and unparalleled networking.

The event was held on the 27th of June 2012 at the Mirage Hotel in Andheri.

Computer gaming, which was once a domain of geeks or tech addicts, has now transcended its original purpose and begun to redefine marketing and work place strategies. Keeping this fast emerging trend in mind, the topic of discussion for TOUG Mumbai:: Version 2.0 was ‘Gamification – The new buzz in the Digital World’.

Event Speaker:

manish-agarwal-27-jun-2012 Mr. Manish Agarwal, CEO at Reliance Entertainment – Digital was our speaker for the second edition of TOUG Mumbai. As we all know, Reliance Entertainment is the flagship motion picture arm of India’s Reliance Group with a significant presence in filmed entertainment.

Before Reliance Entertainment, Mr. Manish Agarwal had a prolific career spanning 16 years in positions at some of the leading corporations in the technology sector such as Microsoft,, Infosys and UTV. At, Manish put forth his experience and expertise of new media businesses and his passion for product innovation and development leading some great projects. Later, he spent a year at Microsoft as the Director of Marketing and with a rich consumer understanding of the industry, he moved to UTV taking over the responsibility of CEO – New Media Venture Ltd.

For the event, he gave a very interesting talk and shared his thoughts on the topic – ‘Gamification – The new buzz in the Digital World’.

Innovative Spark Contest

innovative-spark-contest-27-jun-2012 With The Octane User Group (TOUG) coming back to Mumbai, the Innovative Spark Contest was launched once again. The question for this edition of the event was:

“Suggest one gaming idea that will help build your brand and how would you like to use it?”.

The contest was won by Mr. Bhavin Devpuria from Pantaloon Retail India Ltd. for his gaming idea ‘E-PUZZLEOMANIA’. Our expert panel picked out his insightful and interesting answer as the top entry. He received a special prize and certificate from Octane.

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