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The Octane User Group

The fourth edition of The Octane User Group Meet was hosted in Mumbai at the Regale by Tunga (Andheri East). An exclusive, invite only event, the meet once again featured great informative talks by our speakers, interactive Q&A sessions and an open networking session for all our delegates.

The topics for the two sessions of this TOUG Meet were : ‘Indian SMEs and Marketing :: An Insight’ for the first session and ‘Analysing e-Marketing in India: Highlights, Insights & Top Trends for 2013’ for the second session.

First Session:

vinod-kumar-13-feb-2013 It was our great pleasure to have Mr. Vinod Kumar Wuthoo as the guest speaker for the first session of this TOUG meet in Mumbai. Vinod is a small and medium business strategy and innovation consultant and also the Honorary Vice President of India SME Forum. The session was very interesting as he shared his insights and knowledge about the SME environment in India with regards to marketing and associated functions. He gave some very insightful and unique examples of how SMBs operate in India, what challenges they face and how they should leverage technology to evolve and grow.

In his long and distinguished career, Vinod has worked across India, the United Kingdom and the United States. He is the Senior Partner & Country Manager (India Operations) for Sustainable Development Research & Consulting. He has also been Mentor & Investor for Nirvana Motion Pictures Ltd. and Shezar Technologies. He was the Founder & General Secretary of the Film Foundation of India and the Managing Director for Trackon Telematics. Vinod has also held leadership positions at MCS Software Solutions and Datapro Infoworld.

“The small and medium enterprise environment in India is in a great, dynamic and evolutionary phase. Exciting concepts and companies are taking shape every few months and it gives me a lot of pleasure to be able to share what I’ve learnt in my experience and research over the years with the TOUG delegates.”

– Vinod Kumar Wuthoo

Second Session:

punit-modhgil-13-feb-2013 We also had Mr. Punit Modhgil, Director & Co-Founder of Octane Marketing as the second speaker for this edition of The Octane User Group meet in Mumbai. Punit is one of the leading marketers in the country and the guiding force behind the Annual India e-Marketing Research Reports. In this closed door highly interactive session with a select audience, Punit shared the top highlights, insights and findings from Octane’s Annual India e-Marketing Report 2013 – Spark the Surge.

In his previous avatar, Punit has been the Director – Advertising & Online as well as Director – Marketing for Microsoft India. Before Microsoft, for 3 years, Punit was the Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder/CEO of Pro More. He has been the Director for Product Marketing at Talisma Corporation and also worked at Oracle and NIIT over the course of his long distinguished career.

“With Spark the Surge, we now have three years worth of trends and data for e-Marketing in India and the analysis of that has revealed some great facts and insights. This kind information can be a goldmine for Indian marketers and its really great to be able share it with the delegates to help them make sense of it all”, said Punit sharing his enthusiasm for the meet on the 13th of February 2013.

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We would like to thank all the delegates of our TOUG meet in Mumbai on 13th of February 2013 for giving us their valued and insightful feedback about the event. We’ve collated all the data and have presented it here to share it back with the community that so positively supports us.