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The Octane User Group

The third edition of The Octane User Group (TOUG) Delhi was held on the 9th of May 2012 at the Hilton Garden Inn, DLF Place (Saket).

Hot on the heels of the successful launch of TOUG in Mumbai, this event in Delhi was bigger and better than ever before.

We live in a period of dynamic change in the marketing industry. Change being led by digital platforms and initiatives that transcend the barriers of traditional communication channels. Thus, to identify and explore these trends further, the topic that we selected for this TOUG Delhi meet was ‘Evolving Trends in Digital Marketing’.

Event Speaker:

abhay-johorey-9-may-2012 Mr. Abhay Johorey, Head, airtel Online at Bharti airtel, was the speaker at this TOUG event in Delhi. A distinguished management veteran with an illustrious career spanning decades in companies such as Aviva Asia Limited, Citigroup Global Services and TATA Motors, he joined us to share his ideas on the topic for the event: ‘Evolving Trends in Digital Marketing’.

We heard his thoughts on what he makes of the rapidly evolving trends and scenarios in the digital marketing space in India and his presentation talked about some relatively new terms like ‘Atoms’ & ‘Bits’ (which categorize the entire product category into tangible items on one hand & pure information on the other). He also talked about ‘So Lo Mo’ (defining the emerging digital market as Social, Local, Mobile) and gave insights on his understanding that Email Marketing generates the major portion of ROI many organizations today. He also made it a point to mentioned that “Octane does email marketing really well”!

His speech was followed by an open discussion session where our delegates engaged with him by asking questions about his presentation and the topic. This was followed by an address by Mr. Samarth Saxena, our COO and Co-Founder, covering the latest information about the tools and updates on the Octane platform.

Digital Marketing Star Contest


Digital Marketing Star Contest

This edition of The Octane User Group (TOUG) Meet in Delhi also featured its own exclusive ‘Digital Marketing Star Contest’.

The question we asked the delegates was, “How do you think digital marketing has changed the way your business works?”

As always, we got some great entries and our expert panel picked out the two winners. Mr. Anurag Nigam of eBagsfull won the first prize and Mr. Shailendra Vijayvergia from Animon Live was the first runner up. They both received special certificates from Octane and Indian Premier League match tickets featuring The Delhi Daredevils vs. The Royal Challengers Bangalore!

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