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The fifth edition of The Octane User Group Meet was hosted in Delhi at the Hilton Garden Inn (Saket). An exclusive, invite only event, the meet featured a great talk by our keynote speaker and a very interactive Q&A session about practical applications of cyber law and the Indian IT Act 2000.

As always, this was followed by our open networking session.

The theme for this TOUG meet in Delhi was ‘Protect and Grow your business in India – A Perspective on Cyber Laws’.

Event Speaker:

pavan-duggal-7-nov-2012 It was our privilege to have Mr. Pavan Duggal, India’s most sought after Cyber Security expert and lawyer as the speaker for this edition of The Octane User Group meet in Delhi. Mr. Duggal is the President of Cyberlaw Asia, and Cyberlaws.Net, which is Internet’s first ever-unique Cyberlaw consultancy. In addition to that, he is also the founder of the Cyberlaw Association and is also the Founder-President of Cyberlaw India. He is a regular expert advisor on Cyber Law and security to National and State Governments in India, the European Union and the United Nations.

He heads his niche law firm Pavan Duggal Associates, which has practice areas, amongst others, in Cyberlaw, Business Process Outsourcing Law, Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology Law, Information Security Law, Defence, Biotech and Corporate Law.

In this closed door highly interactive session with a select audience, Mr. Duggal shared his perspective on cyber security and law as it relates to businesses in India (specially e-commerce) in the light of recent changes to the Indian IT Act 2000.

“Cyberlaw is important because it touches almost all aspects of transactions and activities concerning the Internet. Cyberlaw concerns everyone.” says Pavan Duggal while explaining the importance and impact of Cyberlaws with regards to ‘intermediary responsibilities’.

The feedback and pictures from this event are shared below.

Event Picture Gallery


We would like to thank all the delegates of our TOUG meet in Delhi on 7th of November 2012 for giving us their valued and insightful feedback about the event. We’ve collated all the data and have presented it here to share it back with the community that so positively supports us.