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The Octane User Group

The 26th edition of Octane User Group (TOUG) Meet was held in Gurugram on 2nd of Februray 2017. TOUG is an exclusive, invite only event that features two great informative sessions by our speakers, interactive Q&A discussions and an open networking session for all our delegates.

We had two great speakers and their topic of discussion was:

Session 1: Digital by Default: Marketing Trends & Forecast 2017
Session 2: New & Innovative Features @ Octane Marketing

First Session:

Punit Modhgil | Co-Founder and Managing Director | The first session was presented by our very own Co-Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Punit Modhgil who shared the research findings from our latest study ‘Digital by Default: Marketing Trends & Forecast 2017′.

Punit is one of the leading marketers in the country, with experience in leadership roles at Microsoft (India), Oracle (US), Siebel Systems (US), Talisma (US) and NIIT (India).

How are India marketers planning their 2017 digital? Learn from the latest industry research ( as Punit Modhgil delves into insights and trends.

Second Session:

Abhishek Bhandari | Product Head | Our second speaker for the evening was Mr. Abhishek Bhandari (Product Head, Octane Marketing). Abhishek talked about the exciting and innovative new features recently developed and launched by Octane.

Abhishek has 10+ yrs. of tech start up experience with exposure in product management, business strategy, Sales and Operation.

Automate to save time increase ROI? Learn from Abhishek on the latest automation and buzz on email+SMS campaign automation, workflows, triggers and alerts new towards Contextual Email Marketing in 2017.

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