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The Octane User Group

The 28th edition of Octane User Group (TOUG) was held in Gurugram on 21st of September 2017. TOUG is an exclusive, invite only event that features three great informative sessions by our speakers, interactive Q&A discussions and an open networking session for all our delegates.

We had three great speakers and their topic of discussion were:

Session 1: Are you Content with your Content
Session 2: Traditional vs Cross channel marketing
Session 3: Bot on Mail

First Session:

Virginia Sharma | Director | LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Our first speaker Ms. Virginia Sharma, (Director of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions business in India) talked about, ‘Are you Content with your Content?’

With 17 years as a marketing professional Virginia consumes content with fervor and have been blogging since 2009 on topics primarily about marketing, technology and leadership. She has a strange breed of left and right brained, with an undergraduate in marketing and management and an MBA in finance and entrepreneurship. Virginia was awarded the Top 25 Outstanding Marketing Leaders of India and was active member of various CMO advisory councils in India. She also served as chairperson of the Data Driven Marketing and Advertising Conference in June 2013.

Second Session:

Gurmukh Singh | Sr VP – Operations | Value First Our second speaker Mr. Gurmukh Singh (Sr VP-Operations at ValueFirst digital) explained us the difference between ‘Traditional vs Cross channel marketing’.

Gurmukh as a leader in digital solutions space, brings to ValueFirst over 17 years of rich experience in PM and CSM while being responsible for overall operations encompassing pre-sales, client experience, technical operations, products management and product marketing, fixing complexities and providing a strong backbone to varied digital platforms. An engineer, he has previously held corporate roles at Hitachi. Apart from loving the renditions of AR. Rahman, he is an athlete at heart who wanted to be a footballer.

Third Session:

Gaurav Sarein | Senior Product Manager | Value First The third session was presented by Mr. Gaurav Sarien (Sr. Product Manager at ValueFirst Digital) who talked about the topic ‘Bot on Mail’, interesting facts on Chat bots with Email.

Gaurav, leads award-winning product in ValueFirst digital: SURBO A chatbot generator platform. A great eye for detail and is a healthy critic from design & tech to deliver the best. With a refined experience of digital goods, he in his avatar flags ValueFirst to race on with the future and directs the stage for advanced tech & trends. A seller by profession and a profound writer by passion; he in his past has steered his journey from selling and marketing IT solutions to delivering guest lectures across colleges around India.