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The Octane User Group

The 25th edition of Octane User Group (TOUG) Meet was held in Bengaluru. TOUG is an exclusive, invite only event that features two great informative sessions by our speakers, interactive Q&A discussions and an open networking session for all our delegates.

We had two great speakers and their topic of discussion was:

Session 1: Mix Optimization of Product Sales in TV & Internet
Session 2: Content in Current Digital Marketing

First Session:

Piyush Bhargav | Vice President | Reliance Retail It was our pleasure to reveal that our first guest speaker leading the first session of TOUG meet was Mr. Piyush Bhargav, Vice President at Reliance Retail. He started as an entrepreneur 15 years back and joined Baazee in 2003. He was a core part of Baazee/eBay team & worked in areas of Brand Management, Internet Marketing, Ad Sales (National Sales Head) and Manager – Cross Border Trade, responsible for strategic Alliances (shopping integration deals with Yahoo/MSN India) and managing media agencies.

Second Session:

Shonalee Damodar | Sr. Manager | Our 2nd guest speaker for the eve was Ms. Shonalee Damodar, Sr. Manager – Content Operations; Syndication and Publishing at Prior to Myntra, Shonalee was Online Channel Manager at Microsoft Corporation, India. She has more than years in digital – Program Management, Vendor Management, Content Management, Syndication and Publishing.


We would like to thank all the delegates of our TOUG meet in Bengaluru on 18th November 2015 for giving us their valued and insightful feedback about the event. We’ve collated all the data and have presented it here to share it back with the community that so positively supports us.