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Octane is a marketing technology company that provides a state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform. India's no. 1 email marketing service provider.

Source: Octane Marketing Pvt Ltd Monday, August 10, 2015

Mumbai Overtakes Delhi in Consumer Engagement Through Email Marketing

New Delhi, Delhi, India – Business Wire India Octane Research’s 2nd Inbox Report is the only annual study on ‘State of Email Marketing in India. This report aims to provide marketers with an opportunity to understand di­fferent ways on using email for successful consumer campaigns. This State of Email Marketing in India report, first of its kind, tracks over 10 Billion promotional emails sent in India in 2014. Key Highlights of the Octane Inbox 2015 Research Study: text: Annual State of Email Marketing in India 2015 Annual State of Email Marketing in India 2015 1. ‘Frequency/Volumes of sending’ is the most important factor that will impact Inbox Deliverability in 2015, replacing ‘Content’ as the primary factor since 2011. ‘Sender Reputation’ is a growing concern for marketers, with 66% increase over the last 5 years (36% in 2015 vs 21% in 2011). 2. ‘Reaching out to target audiences’ is the biggest Email Marketing challenge India Marketers faced in 2014, with 51% Marketers agreeing to this statement. However, 60% of BFSI marketers believe ‘Inadequate Segmentation’ to be a bigger issue for them. 3. Over the years from 2012 to 2014, ‘Emails being not relevant’ is the top reason for consumers unsubscribing followed by ‘do not remember signing up’. 4. Emails viewed on Android and Windows devices have increased by 11% in 2014, abridging the share from Apple products, still desktop views continue to have 67% of all Open % Share. 5. For Click % Share, Mumbai (30%) leads the consumer email activity followed by Delhi (28%), Bengaluru (17%) and Chennai (11%) in 2014 as compared to earlier year. 6. For e-Commerce sector, from 9am to 12noon there is an almost 300% increase in Open Rates with Click Through Rates (CTR) not far behind. 7. Shopping Cart Abandonment is an important issue for all Online Retailers. Deploying simple Cart Abandonment Program (CAP) increases revenue by improving Cart Abandonment Rates. Yet currently only 48% of India e-Commerce Marketers have deployed a Cart Abandonment Program. 8. 100% of large companies (Rs. 5000+ crores turnover) find Behavioral Targeting effective and the number of retail marketers believe that Behavioral Targeting has brought significant change to their campaigns have increased by 24% (77% in 2015 vs 62% in 2014). Commenting on the release of this annual industry report, Punit Modhgil, Managing Director & Co-founder, Octane Marketing ( said, “Digital or online is here and now in 2015. Digital 1:1 marketing (Email, SMS and Mobile Notifications) continue to gain importance with India Marketers. Compared to the US, where each dollar invested in email marketing contributes to 39 dollars in revenues, in India the estimates indicate 95 rupees of revenues for each rupee invested in email marketing.” This 2015 research study found that the largest users of email marketing in India are Ecommerce and Travel & Hospitality sectors. In the BFSI segment, Insurance companies have started deploying new generation email programs though Banks are still in early stages of evaluation. Commenting on the email marketing trends in India, Punit Modhgil commented: “The top 3 trends to watch out for 2015-16 are a) Dynamic mailer content personalization b) Email media advertising and c) TransPromo (integrating transactional alerts & promotional campaigns).” 2nd Annual State of Email Marketing in India 2015 Research Report can be downloaded at About is India’s first multi-channel platform for integrated Digital 1:1 marketing campaigns on Email & SMS. Marketers can send integrated campaigns on a clean, spam-free marketing platform; built on intelligent software which is available on demand online (pay as you go, zero upfront cost, zero lead time to start). More information at: Photo Caption: Email Marketing India 2015 CONTACT: Swati Mehta, Octane Marketing Pvt Ltd, +91-9971500449,