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Social Is Top Tool for Digital Marketing in India

Seen as best for customer engagement

As noted in an earlier study of spending trends in India’s retail sector, social media is increasingly a key area of focus for many of the country’s marketers. According to a more recent survey investigating marketer activity in India, social tactics are likely to play a critical role in many organizations’ efforts to reach consumers in in 2017. media-221582 A 2016 survey of marketing professionals in India by Octane Research found 66% of respondents considered social media marketing their leading digital marketing activity. This was a full 10 percentage points higher than the next highest response, email marketing. When considering why marketers in India are gravitating toward social, many note that the format has proven highly effective at increasing customer engagement. The same Octane Research survey found that 40% of respondents believed that social media updates were the most effective digital activity for engaging consumers. media-221579 Social media’s popularity for reaching consumers in India is likely related to Facebook’s success at courting the country’s marketers. Social media marketing has become the most widely used digital marketing tool in India, and Facebook is the platform of choice in that realm, according to other studies. In 2017, social efforts are likely to become even more commonplace. Octane Research found social media marketing was the digital marketing activity the greatest share of respondents to its survey (68%) expected to increase spending on in the coming year. —Jeremy Kressmann