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Octane is a marketing technology company that provides a state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform. India's no. 1 email marketing service provider.

Trigger Email

Triggers are pre-defined actions set to execute automatically when certain conditions are met. These actions include features like auto-responding email campaigns, or subscriber management in lists. ✓ You can define what exact action will take place when triggered ✓ You can choose when you want the action to be triggered – immediately, after a set amount of time, on an exact date, or before a particular time and date (such as a deadline) ✓ You can then click on the Save button to save the action without activating it, or on Save & Activate to save the action and activate it right away. Octane provides 3 Trigger parameters
  • On Date – Emails sent are triggered by data like birthdates, subscriber registration date, transaction dates etc.
  • Links Clicked- Links available on the campaign can be used to Trigger an action)
  • Opened Campaign – In this scenario, action can be triggered based on user opens for a particular campaign

Unopened Trigger Email

This virtual feature assists you in delivering an automatic triggered email when a campaign email is delivered to a subscriber but is not opened. The Trigger Email is sent within strategic intervals to nurture engagement with the campaign subscriber. Advantages for you: ✓ Timely emails delivered to targeted users at strategic time intervals ✓ Personalized content specifically tailored to unresponsive subscribers ✓ User responsive – email sent depends on the user’s engagement with the email ✓ Assists in lead-nurturing campaigns ✓ Significantly improves Open Rate ✓ Contributes to effective email subscriber list scrubbing, as regular unopened email point at a counterfeit or interested subscriber

Opened but not Clicked Trigger Email

This user responsive feature is automatically sent when a user opens a campaign email but does not click on any link within the mail. An automatic triggered email is then sent of that user within a specified period of time to enrich the user’s engagement with the campaign. Advantages for you: ✓ Targets an accurate segment of the subscriber list ✓ Automatic and timely, as the email is delivered at strategic intervals ✓ User responsive, since the email delivered according to a subscriber’ behavior ✓ Improves Click Rate as the triggered email sent is tailored for those who do not click on the link, thus warranting greater engagement