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Speed up your career growth

Why should you care about Online Marketing? Because you want an accelerated growth in the fast lane, don’t you. Let’s explore how Online Marketing is a fast growing industry in India and offers growth and meaningful careers for today’s professional.

  1. In 2010, we had less than 60 million online users in India (Indian citizens with access to internet). This number has grown many folds and it is estimated that we already have 250+ million users in India in 2015. This is likely to grow to beyond 550 million users by 2017-2018. Please check this video which tracks this phenomenal rise of online in India since 2010. This timeline video has been created by the Octane Research team
  2. India Ecommerce which started in 2010 was pegged at $6.3 bn in 2011, estimated to close at $12 bn in 2015 and is likely to grow to close to $100 bn by 2020 as per leading industry estimates
  3. Smartphone handset market in India to grow from currently 170 mn to over 900 mn by 2019
  4. Government of India has ambitious plans to improve governance by delivering its citizen services online under “India Digital Plan 2019″. Over $200 bn is being invested to bring extensive broadband connectivity across urban and rural areas of the nation

Such a fast growing industry creates new career opportunities for young Indian professionals. Octane with its proven credentials in online marketing has ambitious growth plans towards India 2020. Octane offers exciting career opportunities for technology, marketing, design & content, human resources and business professionals. Explore our Jobs page to see if there’s a role that you would like to pursue. If you don’t find a role that’s best suited for you, why not write to us and let us know at careers@octane.in. We will keep in touch and inform you when we have a similar position to offer.

Drive your career in the fast pace lane of Digital Marketing, write to us at careers@octane.in.