Online Marketing Trends in 2015 – Voice of India Marketers (#VoIM)

This year India Marketers are shifting more towards mobile and websites for their marketing initiatives.

Online Marketing India 2015

Octane has released the 5th edition of its Annual State of e-Marketing India Study 2015 – The Digital DNA. This Study captures key trends on how online marketing in India has changed over the last 4 years (2011 – 2014) and predicts what India marketers are planning for 2015 in-terms of strategy, budgets and plan for online marketing. These insights are derived from a study with an active participation of 465+ India marketers from 399 organizations and 12 industry verticals, with the support of Industry associations – DMAi, IAMAI and RAI.

Here are the key insights from the report:

  1. Customer acquisition still remains the primary marketing goal for all marketers. However, we see an increase in votes for Customer Retention that saw an 80% increase since 2011. On the contrary, Brand Awareness dropped by 32% in 2015, despite a steady growth from 2011 to 2014.
  2. The impact of integrated campaigns increased by 84% from 31% in 2011 to 57% in 2015. With 54% Travel marketers and 69% BFSI marketers leveraging the most from these types of campaigns.
  3. Surprisingly, for 72% India marketers ‘Websites’ is the primary e-marketing activity in 2014. However, Retail & e-commerce and Travel sector the primary e-marketing activity is ‘Email Marketing’.
  4. Content Marketing is earning its place with India marketers. 61% marketers believe ‘Blogs and Newsletter’ is the most effective content marketing tool. However for Education (63%), Retail & e-commerce (71%) and Travel (55%) sectors, Social Media acts like a more robust tool for content marketing.
  5. ‘Reaching out to target audiences’ is the biggest Email Marketing challenge India marketers faced in 2014, with 51% marketers agreeing to this statement. However, 60% of BFSI factors believe ‘inadequate segmentation’ was a bigger issue for them.
  6. ‘Frequency/ volumes of sending’ is the most important factor that will impact Inbox Deliverability in 2015, replacing ‘content’ as the primary factor since 2011. ‘Sender Reputation’ is a growing concern for marketers, with 66% increase the last 5 years (36% in 2015 vs 21% in 2011).
  7. 100% of large companies (5000+ crores turnover) find behavioural targeting effective and the number of retail marketers that think behavioural targeting has brought significant change to their campaigns have increased by 24% (77% in 2015 vs 62% in 2014).
  8. 33% India marketers think that over 50% of emails are viewed on mobile devices, seeing a YoY growth of 25%. BFSI sector is on the forefront with 39% BFSI marketers’ reporting the same.

The complete report that will help you benchmark your marketing initiatives in 2015 can be found here. We will wait for your feedback on the research report; share your comments with us at

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