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We are a marketing technology company that provides a state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform.
Idea behind Octane

All great ideas are born out of desperation. We were desperate! You would identify with this too if as a professional web developer or marketing manager you have burnt your fingers trying to run an email based promotion such as a marketing campaign or a newsletter. Whether for your own self or for a client, did you bend over backwards trying out different tools and options to develop and run a successful promotion? Were you satisfied by what you achieved or did you feel that the fizz was missing? Somewhere the design element was lacking the zing or was there no bang when the campaign hit the market? Did you think you could have done more? Did you feel helpless at your inability to pin down why you didn’t hit the bull’s eye? Click here to know more!

  • Desperate

    We were Desperate

  • Will

    We look for WILL more than SKILL

  • Skill

    Skill can be learnt Will cannot

  • Passion

    Passion drove us crazy

Client Client Client Client Client Client Client

leadership @ octane

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Vish Bajaj

Director & CEO ValueFirst
Vish has a successful track record over 26 years of experience in the IT and Telecom industry in India, Germany and UK. Expertise in delivery of new and high technology solutions at blue chip and start up organizations.
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Punit Modhgil

Executive Director
Punit is one of the co-founders of Octane.in and leads the ops functions (Finance, Marketing, HR, Design & UI) in addition to being focused on Business Strategy & Organizational Development.

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