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What’s new on Octane? Template Design and Video Tagging

Octane keeps on updating new tools and features on its platform as per the inputs of its users. Keeping this in mind here are two updates for you on the Octane platform:

  1. Template Design
  2. One of the biggest tensions of marketers is that they have to ‘literally’ run behind their design team to get their mailers created. Octane’s Template design feature helps marketers to edit the mailer as per their delight and also see how these mailers look on mobile and PC platform. Upload a design once to edit and re-edit as per your need anytime anywhere.

    Template designs allows marketers to upload HTMLs of their mailers and then change them using HTML editor. HTML Editor helps editing images and content; personalized tags and also add video tags.  Additionally, if a marketer doesn’t have a mailer to upload as a template, our system has inbuilt templates which can be used to create mailers. These templates have different designs which help a marketer to innovate with altered design options.

    Further you can use of litmus integration tool to see how your mailer will look across devices (Windows, Android, IOS etc.).

  3. Video Tagging:
  4. Video tagging is a new feature on the platform, with which you can embed videos in your mailer. When you have uploaded your mailer to send a campaign, go to HTML Editor and add the video tag to your mailer.

    You can also give a fall-back URL and a fall-back image as many platforms still don’t support embedded videos. Also, if the platform doesn’t support .mp4 and .ogg format it will again go back to the fall-back URL and image.

    Email clients that support video are: Apple Mail, Windows Mail, iPhone & iPad (Native Client) and Outlook (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer).

We hope you liked these new additions on the Octane platform. Please send us your feedback and critique on engage@octane.in

–          Team Octane

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