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Why Facebook’s Future Could Be a Tightrope Walk

It seems today that in many regards, Facebook has become the de-facto owner of the social media space. Of virtual identities, global connections, information sharing ... Continue Reading →

Flash vs. HTML5 – A Balanced Look

The introduction of the feature-rich fifth version of HTML generated a lot of buzz when unveiled to the world. All discussions eventually lead to one ... Continue Reading →

Effectively Managing Brand Reputation Online

Managing your brand reputation online can be tricky. Today, there are multiple social networks with various content sources to monitor and digital marketers frequently find ... Continue Reading →

Smart Email Marketing Using List Management

It is said that an email campaign is as good as the list it is sent out to, and that’s why, digital marketers are always ... Continue Reading →

Optimizing Videos for SEO

We all know the power of videos, a format that is perfectly suited for potential viral campaigns. But as any digital marketer will tell you, ... Continue Reading →

How to Spot Email Scams

If protective programs like antivirus and firewall are becoming stronger with each passing day, so are the methods employed by cyber criminals. Despite the advance ... Continue Reading →

De-Coding the Secrets of Email Deliverability

As digital marketers, we have observed that sometimes, even the most innovative email marketing campaigns can be unsuccessful if the communication fails to reach the ... Continue Reading →

Reviving Inactive Email Subscribers

Every email list inherently has a good number of inactive email subscribers – people who once signed up enthusiastically, but since then seem to have ... Continue Reading →

Optimizing Web Forms for Conversion

Whatever the differences in their approach to the world wide web, all online marketers agree on one thing:- their web forms are just not getting ... Continue Reading →

How to Test Landing Pages

Search marketers know only too well that while creating a landing page is easy, making one that works successfully, is not. There is no secret ... Continue Reading →

8 Tips to take your Email Marketing to the next level