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How Brands Go Wrong on Social Media – Three Examples

If social media is replete with glowing case studies of how brands are extending their presence, there are also plenty of instances that shine as ... Continue Reading →

Surefire Tips for Mobile Marketing

Smartphones and tablets have made deep inroads into the professional and personal lives of people; invariably opening up new possibilities for marketers in an ‘always ... Continue Reading →

Spam Traps: What they are and how to avoid them

Just as spammers set up devious schemes to trap unsuspecting people, ESPs and other organizations maintain sleuthing resources to smoke out the spammers. This is ... Continue Reading →

Smartphone Ecosystems – Should you choose Open or Closed?

One of the most recurrent debates in technology is about the extent of control: Should systems be open and collaborative, or should they be tightly ... Continue Reading →

What is Crowdsourcing & Its Applications in India

Often experimental and deployed in small scale scenarios, the concept of ‘crowdsourcing’ has become more than a buzzword today; with stable business models emerging globally ... Continue Reading →

Email Deliverability and its Challenges

E-Marketing mailers have evolved drastically since the early days of plaintext messages. It’s now possible to create interactive campaigns and embed the power of social ... Continue Reading →

Cloud Computing :: A look at the future

Computing paradigms have always evolved with advances in technology and breakthroughs in research. Keeping in line with Moore’s law, modern computers are powerful, robust and ... Continue Reading →

SEO – Game Over Or Here To Stay?

There are few things more hotly debated by digital marketers today than the usefulness and impact of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). On the one hand ... Continue Reading →

4 Tips for Creating Successful Mobile Campaigns

Every digital marketer knows the explosive viral potential of mobile marketing. If you play your cards right, it’s possible to engage millions of people almost ... Continue Reading →

Patent Wars: Stagnation of Innovation & Rise of Litigation

Perhaps the original creators of patent laws had the welfare of innovators in mind, but modern businesses are using patents for altogether different purposes. On ... Continue Reading →

8 Tips to take your Email Marketing to the next level