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Octane’s update on Google Postmaster, a critical feedback loop for email marketers

GMAIL opens its blackbox. Gmail’s spam filter is not perfect. In fact, it is quite likely for a legitimate email to get consigned to the ... Continue Reading →

Octane’s 8 proven tips to power up your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign for 2015

Onam is the start of the festival season in India. Online marketing for festive seasons or holiday season in India is growing into a tradition ... Continue Reading →

It’s that time of the year, Clean your list for Email Marketing success

Marketers are demanding more from their email marketing campaigns. No longer happy with 7% open rates, they want higher output and impact. Unlike the principal ... Continue Reading →

Online Marketing Trends in 2015 – Voice of India Marketers (#VoIM)

This year India Marketers are shifting more towards mobile and websites for their marketing initiatives. Octane has released the 5th edition of its Annual State ... Continue Reading →

How to monetize from your Opt-in database?

Have you spent a good amount of your time converting your website’s visitors into subscribers? If yes then now it’s time to make some profit ... Continue Reading →

Gmail Decoded

The past faced changes at Gmail over the last one year has thrown newer challenges for marketers. One can say it has been a roller ... Continue Reading →

Google becomes more Action Packed

Google has done it again! Here comes Gmail’s ‘Action Buttons’. Gmail’s Action Buttons allows a user to take action on an email before opening it. ... Continue Reading →

What’s in for Retail Marketers in 2014? Highlights from India Retail e-Marketing Study 2014

Retail in India has taken a huge leap from what it was 5 years ago. With the success of Online Retail, marketers have seen an ... Continue Reading →

Behavioural Targeting and SMS Integration on Octane

We all know that all marketers capture customer data. However, the main question is that, is this data put somewhere in a folder or is ... Continue Reading →

What’s new on Octane? Template Design and Video Tagging

Octane keeps on updating new tools and features on its platform as per the inputs of its users. Keeping this in mind here are two ... Continue Reading →

8 Tips to take your Email Marketing to the next level