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Welcome to Wherever You Are

You see a pretty girl and walk up to her to ask her for her number. And she gives it to you like that; you ... Continue Reading →

Mobile is the new Inbox

It is 8:30 AM and my alarm rings on my Blackberry. Along with the irritating alarm tone, the LED continues to flash. And flash it ... Continue Reading →

Just Say Yes

Hi guys, in our previous posts we have told you about numerous tricks of the trade. But now lets focus one of the most important ... Continue Reading →

30 Simple & Effective tips for email marketing

Kindly ask for prior permission before you add someone to your email list. Make the consumer feel like he/she is missing out on something by ... Continue Reading →

Money for Nothing & Lists for Free

How many times have you heard the good old phrase – “money cannot buy you happiness”? And how many times have you heard that “it’s ... Continue Reading →

To Send or Not to Send, Frequency is the Question

Its Monday morning as I write this blog, 7 AM to be precise. I have received quite a lot of emails last night, as is ... Continue Reading →

Avoid these Email Marketing Mistakes

Trying to do it yourself Ever felt the need to go to a doctor for a minor problem? Not really, right? Self-medication may work after ... Continue Reading →

Boost your email ROI through social media outreach

We all know the power of the Internet by now, and that of Web 2.0 in particular. It can topple a dictator, case in point ... Continue Reading →

Tips to design engaging E-mailers for your business campaigns

Social media might be the new kid on the block, but the good old email is still one of the best channels to promote your ... Continue Reading →

Importance of the Subject line

The 50-character subject line is King. The subject line can literally make or break your success. It will either entice your audience or push them ... Continue Reading →

8 Tips to take your Email Marketing to the next level