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What the FBL?

Off and ON we keep discussing relevant technical terms and concepts related to email marketing. The case is the same this week; the term in ... Continue Reading →


LIST(z)OMANIA -Does it sound like a disease..well, this ain’t a disease but a cure for sure! We at Octane, firmly believe in anti-spam. We also ... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget the DONT’s while Designing an Email Campaign

Most Email campaigns are subjected to self-destruction, especially the ones that are not well thought out. What makes the ones that succeed different from the ... Continue Reading →

Does size Matter?

Internet is a great Leveler. Whether it is an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) or a large enterprise, everyone can include social media as an ... Continue Reading →

Textual Harassment

I think short messaging service, or SMS, as we know it better has become redundant. I am not saying this because Black Berry messenger has ... Continue Reading →

You CAN(t)-SPAM ME Part II

In our last post, we discussed about why one should adopt measures to avoid getting hit by spam laws. And yes we did on go ... Continue Reading →

You CAN(t) SPAM Me!

It is yet another Monday morning. Unread emails from last night, which have now touched double digits in my inbox. Along with the relevant emails, ... Continue Reading →

You’ve got (G)Mail

Like most Google products, this one too was a real market share winner. If we were to ask you to guess which Google product do ... Continue Reading →

Email marketing is cool, no wait, you know what’s cool – Email marketing + Social Media

Recently Google launched its latest social networking offering – Google+ to match its largest competitor – Facebook. This is Google’s third and probably the most ... Continue Reading →

Email still Is King

You are online on Facebook chat and a pop up appears from a friend. You can’t ignore it. It reads, can you please like this ... Continue Reading →

8 Tips to take your Email Marketing to the next level