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New Tools on the Octane Platform

Our last blog was about the new enhancements to the Octane platform. In this blog, we will be talking about the new tools that we have recently added. So here we go….

SMS Campaigns

We are thrilled to announce that we have once again activated our integrated SMS Campaigns tool on our platform (which was temporarily stopped due to the strict TRAI regulations). Seeing the growth of mobile users in India we thought it was a good idea to bring back SMS campaigns on our platform, enabling marketers to send campaigns to the subscribed mobile users in the form of a simple text only message. From the Octane platform you can now send ‘SMS only Campaign’ as compared to integrated SMS and Email campaign in the past.

There are two features in SMS campaign that are different from an Email campaign:

  1. When you have defined the campaign, it creates a ‘Sender ID’ which would appear in the ‘from’ field (as from name) of the mobile recipient when they receive the campaign.
  2. The second feature is in the report section known as the ‘SMS Recipient Activity’ where the marketer gets the detailed results for all the 5 fields (namely – Total SMS Recipients, Total Delivered, Total Pending, Total DND (NCPR), and Total Expired & Total Failed). The marketer can select any field in order to get the relevant recipients’ list under that option. S/he can also obtain the status for an individual subscriber by entering the desired recipient’s mobile number in the search box.

Enhanced Data Security

Enhanced data security is a new tool added to the platform that helps a user manage permissions of their accounts that leads to data security.

After you have logged in your account, on the left side is the ‘manage user permissions’ tab. Click on that button and it will ask you for your login and password again, post which you will land on the permission settings page. This password is only present with the master user of the account.

With the ‘temporary blocked or login failed attempt’ feature, the master user can further put safety nets. The user can put a time for which the account will be blocked from any usage, if there is a login failed after 5 continuous login failures. The user can also specify the email id and mobile number which will send a notification of a failed login attempt. After the specified blocking time is over, the user can login again.

The user can also specify multiple IP addresses, from which logging in the account is allowed. Additionally, the user can specify the exceptions (like weekends), which can help another user to login the account, giving flexibility to access the account at any time.

The user can also put passwords for downloading reports. If there is a scenario of forgotten password while downloading reports, an OTP (one time password) will be sent to the pre-specified email id to reset the passwords.

The user can also add IP’s that can download reports and there will be a notification sent to the specified email id and mobile number notifying them of the download.

This same exercise can be done for particular clients. The user has an option to have the same permission settings as the master user. Or, the same exercise can be done for different clients with different passwords, emails, mobiles numbers and IP addresses.

HTML Parser

HTML Parser will help users to find coding errors in their mailer, which will further results into a better rendering of the mail, resulting into good customer experience.

When you have successfully imported your campaign, there is a tab that says ‘View Error Summary’; this is the HTML Parser tool.

Click on the ‘View Error Summary’ and it will show you all the coding errors, which you can rectify on the platform itself or by going to the master HTML file on your computer. The following errors will be corrected:

  1. If the tags are left opened,
  2. If there are any extra tags,
  3. If there are any blank links,
  4. If any attribute is left blank, and
  5. If the mailer is not designed according to the W3C guidelines.

List Wise Reporting

For better and in-depth campaign activity, we have added list wise reporting on the platform. Now there will be a single graph that showcases a list’s open, click, unsubscribe, soft bounce and hard bounce details in comparison to the volumes sent.

This is how you recode the graph:

  1. Marketers can see all the activities on the graph. The X-axis reports the percentage of the activity in comparison to the Y-axis that represents total volume sent.

Green represents open activity, blue represents click activity, red represents un-subscriptions, purple represents hard bounces, pink represent soft bounces and the maroon bar graph represents the volumes sent for a particular campaign.

  1. In the bar present above the graph you can chose the ‘from’ to ‘to’ time span and then gather information of how the campaigns have performed over time. For e.g.: How a list has performed in open activity in the campaign sent to them on 2nd January 2014 in comparison to the campaign sent to them on the 4th January 2014.
  2. Click on the tab below the graph to select any particular activity and map it with the sent volumes. For e.g.: Click on open it will only show the green open graph on the volumes graph for better comparison.
  3. We went a step further to provide you even more detailed reports. Left click on the graph and select a segment that you want to see up close. The selected segment would expand to the full graph for better viewing.

If you want the details of all subscribers please click on ‘click here to see al subscribers’ box placed at the end of the page.

Our team has put a lot of effort to create these tools that will hopefully make a marketer’s life easier and campaigns better. We at Octane hope you will use these tools for your campaigns and share with us your valuable user feedback! You can also share your feedbacks on these new tools at engage@octane.in.


–          Team Octane

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