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New Enhancements on the Octane Platform

Month after month, the technology teams at Octane are constantly engaged in refining and developing the capabilities of our Email Marketing platform. Keeping pace with the changing and emerging needs of the e-Marketing community and the consistent changes to the email domain by ISP’s like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo; the teams have regularly released new enhancements to existing tools and brand new features to provide a better communication platform to cover all kinds of requirements.

In this post, we take a look at three of the latest enhancements to the Octane platform:

1. Enhancements to the Manage Subscribers section:

Under the manage subscribers section, we’ve made it easier to take action on 5 parameters – Add new subscribers, delete list, export subscribers, create segments, remove subscribers and update subscribers (update the existing list of subscribers) by adding a multi option selection menu for each list.

Also, we have made it easier for marketers to send one campaign to multiple segmented lists. Prior to this enhancement, a marketer could only select and send to one segmented list only.

2. Additions to the HTML Editor:

This is a big one. Like with any code or piece of content, changes are inevitable. The same goes for HTML mailers. Therefore, we have made our HTML Editor tool even more powerful. The new changes will help marketers not only to edit a visually appealing mailer (Images, texts, lines and boxes) but also be able to re-arrange elements according to their client’s priorities or campaign’s requirements.

So, how do the enhancements work?

  1. The four most used tags (namely – unsubscribe; web version; forward to a friend; and update reference) in mailers are now present in the HTML Editor for easy access. For new tag additions, marketers can click on the area of the mailer where they want to place the tag, then click on the ‘Important links’ tab on the right side of the screen to select the option they want to add. Click on the tag and it’s good to go.
  2. Earlier, when a marketer had to edit the personalization tag, he or she had to go to the create campaign page. Now however, personalization can be modified while creating the mailer itself via a newly added option on the HTML Editor tool.
  3. Marketers can upload and change pictures even more quickly. Now when you click on ‘browse’, you will be able to see the preview of all the images that you have recently used. This makes it quicker to select and replace images on the go.
  4. You can now also resize your images using an intuitive drag and drop option. The same method can also be used to change/replace images.

3. Updated Geo-Location Tool:

In December 2013 Gmail decided to Cache images for Gmail, which left many ESPs scrambling to fix their now broken reporting tools. Then, following in the footsteps of Google, Hotmail also implemented the same strategy. This change made it really difficult for all ESP’s to track the open and click activity of users geographically on a map. (For more details you can read our blog on Gmail Caching images: http://www.octane.in/blog/the-effects-on-email-marketing-as-google-starts-caching-email-images/ ).

What we have done now is to isolate the problem to Gmail and Hotmail recipients and not let that effect the reporting for other domains. This means that when you send a campaign using Octane now, in the reports section, initially you will be able to see the Geo Location of all recipient ISP’s other than Hotmail and Gmail (where the recipient has opened the email). For Gmail and Hotmail addresses, the reports will only be generated with the recipient has clicked on a link in the email. This ensures more accurate reporting than what was available over the last few months since these changes came into effect.

As always, our teams have worked hard on these updates as they look to constantly fix issues that limit your campaigns in anyway. So, please feel free to give your feedback on these changes and more suggestions and ideas for enhancements and updates that we could do further to the Octane platform (write to us at engage@octane.in)!


– Team Octane


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