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How to monetize from your Opt-in database?

Have you spent a good amount of your time converting your website’s visitors into subscribers? If yes then now it’s time to make some profit out of it!

With the ISPs getting stricter and consumer getting smarter by the day, it’s not very easy to spam and fool consumers.  A targeted opt-in email database is one of the most powerful marketing tools, a tool which attracts people to your product or services because they are genuinely interested in it. However, many marketers are unaware of the true power of an opt-in database and therefore aren’t monetizing from it.

Businesses are always looking for segmented and opt-in database and if you have such a database you can monetize from it effectively. In this scenario the marketer with the opt-in database becomes a ‘Publisher’ and the marketer using the opt-in database to send their communication on the publisher’s database becomes the ‘Advertiser’.

Here are the top 3 tips on how Publishers can monetize from their opt-in database:

  1. Stand Alone Mailers:
  2. A Publisher can send stand-alone mailers on its Advertiser’s behalf to its opt-in database. The mailer can talk about an Advertiser’s business and help them reach out to people aiming at new subscriptions or conversion. As a Publisher you can monetize more if your data is segmented on the basis of demographics and interests of your subscribers. This way you can help your Advertisers to reach out to a more targeted audience and hence see a better conversion rate.

    Also, you should ask the Advertiser to mention your name in their mailer (in both subject line and copy). This tactic will help the Advertiser get better open rate as the subscriber connects more with you and your brand name.

  3. Ad slots in Newsletter:
  4. If someone has wilfully subscribed to your updates, there is a very high chance that they will open your newsletter. Keeping this fact in mind Publishers should integrate the communication of their Advertiser’s in their newsletter, this phenomenon is knows as ad slots. Keeping the popularity of your newsletter in mind you can monetize from the ad-slots in your newsletter from your advertiser. The better the conversion rates of your Advertiser, more money for you.

  5. Transpromo Mailer:
  6. A Transpromo (transactional + promotional) mailer is the best ways to attract customers as transactional email have the highest open rate in compared to other emails. Therefore, Publisher’s should use this opportunity to monetize by integrating the ads of their advertisers in their transactional mailers.

This Publisher and Advertiser relationship in agency jargon is also known as ‘Partner Promotions’. Such services are also provided by Octane through its ‘Reach Right’ business. For any query regarding business and to share your views on this blog, please write to us at engage@octane.in.

– Team Octane