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How to convert your traffic into leads?

Content marketing is one of the brilliant ways to fascinate traffic to a website. But converting that traffic into leads is a real challenging task. Not all the traffic that the marketers are able to draw to their website gets converted into the revenue, sales or leads!

Here are the few tips to convert traffic into leads that is all related to making the website visitors your customers.

• Landing Pages:

Being one of the most effective ways to convert the traffic into leads, landing pages are designed with a purpose to provide the information and collect the contact details. With constant advancements in search engines, the search quality has improved a lot. Not necessarily, home page of the website is shown in the search results, rather the one most relevant opens up.

Website with several landing pages adds on to the chances of more traffic on those landing pages through referrals and the search engines and thus the chances of lead collection too increases!
For reference check out Octane’s landing page.

• Notification Bars:

Notification bars also known as the announcement bars usually flaunt on top of the website, displaying the messages such as asking users if they want to allow the website to show notifications or that contains the link to email forms or landing pages.

Such bars are generally the complete width symbols that are configured to stick on the top even when the user scrolls down across the page. This fascinates the attention of users.

• Contact number on website’s home page:

With a contact number on top of the website’s home page, the company assures more reliability towards the trust of its customers. This in turn makes the customers feel more comfortable with the brand as they have an ability to talk to a real individual and they feel it easy taking while taking out their wallet.

The company may not receive a lot of calls but it’s a belief that having a contact number on your website gives satisfaction to the customers and other stakeholders. They easily get tempted with the website services.

• Relevant Calls-to-action:

A suitable call to action acts as a key element in the marketing strategies for any website. By adding relevant CTAs to the blogs and other content & non-content posts, marketing become bit more effective at converting the traffic into leads each time.

The marketer must keep in mind that the powerful call-to-actions drive the visitors towards taking the desired action of mentioning their names and contact information. And the posts must include those CTAs which are relevant to the post.

• Include the Opt-in forms:

Opt-in forms on the website’s home page or below the posts is quite beneficiary as it assists in enhancing the conversion rates. When the visitors like your website or content or services, they will seek the ways to stay in contact with you. And the opt-in forms will help you to collect the information of visitors in such a case.

Striking opt-in forms help in generating leads. Opt-in forms on top page of the website are always useful. Moreover, the opt-in forms below the posts are also effective. After reading the posts, people usually don’t know that what they are supposed to do. In Such a case opt-in forms can hook them up.