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How Individuals & Brands Are Using Twitter Creatively

Twitter campaigns don’t always have to be about straightforward discounts or about general Q&As. In fact, if you’re looking to generate large-scale interest through the platform, towing the line is the last thing we’d advise. Here are some instructive examples that demonstrate brands thinking out of the box and using Twitter to not only promote themselves, but also to give people something to cherish:

  • The #jeeppuzzle: Some time back Jeep launched a remarkably clever Twitter campaign built around a puzzle. Solving this puzzle required gleaning clues from pictures, but to reveal the pictures you had to follow the given Twitter profiles in the right order. One can imagine the delicious struggle people would’ve gone through figuring out the right order! Needless to say, the interactivity and the ‘quest for a prize’ element worked wonderfully for the company and its followers.
  • Artist Greg Burney: Artist Greg Burney really wanted the world to know his talent. A tall order, no doubt, but it was made possible by using Twitter creatively. Burney’s masterstroke? He offered to draw the profile pictures of the first 3,000 people to follow him on Twitter. It sure must have been a lot of hard work, but it paid off handsomely as Burney managed to get over 4,400 followers. What does it tell us? You can get the attention you desire if you earn it the right way.
  • Barack Obama on Twitter: Today, no one can ignore the very important role social media is playing once again in the American presidential elections. Twitter has become a serious platform for promotion, debate and influencing public opinion. For the presidential campaign, reaching out to people directly helps offset the anti-incumbency factor so pronounced by the four years of recession hit economy. This is all an exercise in marketing and growing the Obama brand via greater engagement with their audience (the voters) and increasing the base of donors to contribute towards the election fund.
  • While people might feel constrained by the limit of 140 characters, we hope that examples like these put into perspective the benefits of working around such limits using creativity, value and genuine interaction with your audience. These are therefore, better ways of engagement using social media than just broadcasting content.


    –          Team Octane


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