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Heartbleed – OpenSSL Vulnerability

OpenSSL is a global open source encryption code which is followed by all the websites across the world, that encrypts data and flow it securely across servers. The 2012 version of OpenSSL had a bug also known as the Heartbleed vulnerability, which was found by Google’s Security Analyst Neel Mehta. The solution (CVE-2014-0160) of the vulnerability was recently announced publically, after many websites got adversely affected by it and saw a decline in their traffic after their users realised about this security breach.

It’s our pleasure to inform all our clients that Octane was secured by this vulnerability as we were not using the vulnerable version of OpenSSL. We have now shifted a few servers to the higher version of OpenSSL, which is not affected by this vulnerability. For any further queries regarding this issue please write to us at engage@octane.in.



– Team Octane

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