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Google becomes more Action Packed

Google has done it again! Here comes Gmail’s ‘Action Buttons’. Gmail’s Action Buttons allows a user to take action on an email before opening it. For instance you receive an invitation to attend an event; a button will appear at the end of the subject line of that email in your inbox that will say RSVP. When you will click on RSVP a drop down will appear with the details of the event and will also allow a user to take action by click yes, no or may ­be.

Following are the action buttons created by Gmail:

  1. One-Click Action: One click action is the ‘add to queue’ action that allows the user to confirm a pre-defined request. It’s used for save or confirm action. For instance, save a shopping coupon for future usage or accept a registration confirmation from an e-commerce website.
  2. Review Action: As the name suggests review action is to give your review on movies, restaurants and products etc. Click the review action button and rate anything you want.
  3. RSVP Action: This action button is for events. A ticket booking website, a restaurant or an events organization can use this button to send invites and give invitees an easier way to RSVP. (Please note: RSVP action is not currently available on Gmail).
  4. Go To Action: This action button helps the user to reach the action page faster. The user does go to the merchant’s site; however, s/he goes directly to the page where the action is required missing going to extra page in between. For instance, if you get a mail to confirm your email registration for a newsletter, you can put an action button to confirm it directly without open the website. It’s an action button that gives a user quicker turnaround time.

These action buttons can really prove profitable for your business as they are a tool to customer delight. However, these actions are not available simply on your users Gmail. An organization has to go to a set of steps to get these action buttons for their campaigns. What do you need to do?

  • You should have a whitelisted Domain with SPF and DKIM in place
  • You should already be using that Domain to send campaigns
  • You need to fill a form and submit to Google asking for which action you want to deploy on your campaigns (for every action button this whole process will be replicated)
  • You need to send a test email to an email id (schema.whitelisting+sample@gmail.com) having the mark-up schema for action buttons included in the test email
  • Once you have sent the request, Google will check your domains integrity and thereafter a Google representative will contact you and help you activate the action button for your domain
  • Also domain should not have a previous history of spam

At Octane we have successfully deployed RSVP action button for our own domain (octane.in) and campaigns; in addition to that we can also help other organizations also to get action buttons for their campaigns. Hope this information of use to you, if you want us to help you with this process please write to us at support@octane.in. Also, please do write to us with your feedback on this blog at engagae@octane.in.


– Team Octane

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