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Gmail’s Feedback Loop and Unsubscribe Link

Gmail is always up to the task of making its user’s experience safer and better. Following this path, Gmail has recently come up with two new features that intend to reduce the number of complaints against unsolicited emails by users by giving them an opportunity to unsubscribe to mailers easily.

The first feature is an extension of Gmail’s Unsubscribe Mechanism, to aid the customers in keeping their inboxes free from unwanted emails. Now, Gmail automatically puts an unsubscribe button on the top of every email, regardless if the mailer contains its own unsubscribe link or not. Hence more people will be able to see the unsubscribe option and opt out easily. It’s not only a win-win situation for the customer but also for ESPs as for them it means lesser Spam complaints. The user instead of clicking on Report Spam option would directly unsubscribe to your mailers. Gmail can only put this automatic unsubscribe link for those IP’s who send SPF/DKIM authenticated emails. In layman’s term it means that your ESP is trusted to send emails. At Octane all our clients have a SPF/DKIM authentication for safer email delivery.

The second feature is the Feedback Loop (FBL) Mechanism, which is still in its initial phase and is meant for ESPs only. FBL will help ESPs to track their negative engagements as effectively as their positive ones. They can thus understand more about unhappy recipients and work towards a better deliverability rate. But this cannot be done yet to remove individual complainers. Only a select few ESPs which are members of M3AAWG and have good sending practices can use it to analyse daily complaint rates.

At Octane we have made it mandatory for all our customers to device a FBL email id for their accounts, which can be abuse@xyz.com or postmaster@xyz.com. In future this will help us to track our deliverability and in addition will help our clients to keep a tab on their email marketing practices.

For any query or feedback on this blog, please feel free to write to us at engage@octane.in.


–          Team Octane

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