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Data Security & Privacy on the Octane Platform

Data Security & Privacy is one of the most fundamental cornerstones of any software, service or technology company today. Like all modern global ESPs, we too live and breathe platform security and worry constantly about how safe and secure we keep our client’s & partner’s confidential data. Therefore, we here at Octane have gone to great lengths to create a robust and secure platform. We take a lot of pride in the different security measures we have deployed across our email marketing solution (at the application level & the infra level) to keep all the client data secure.

Therefore, we would like to share with you a glimpse of what some of those security features are and why they are important, so that when you use the Octane platform for your email marketing campaigns, you can do it with a sense of security and peace of mind. So, the security features are as follows:

Application Level Security

  • Defined Access: The option of sub accounts is available on the platform and is very important for defining access control. This option works well for creating additional accounts with limited access within the platform. These additional accounts can be given few (not all) permissions – such as access only to send out campaigns or access only to see reports of campaigns. Additionally, these accounts cannot edit/delete/update/download the email lists or reports uploaded in your account. Therefore, data integrity is maintained even with multiple users.

    Sub accounts are important for our platform because some clients want to give limited access to different marketing users based on their requirements while limiting access to other features. This secures the access to your database within your environment.

  • Password Encryption: All passwords are encrypted to a level where they CANNOT be simply retrieved and must be reset.
  • Data Traffic Encryption: Our application is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on top of HTTP. What makes HTTPS so important is its ability to encrypt and decrypt our users’ page requests which helps against unauthorized eavesdropping on your online activity. Therefore all communication between you and the server is encrypted.
  • Secure Login: Our application login requires Captcha input as it helps protect against computer generated/bot logins, website registrations, automatic data submissions and other forms of automated data/account abuse. It is a simple, effective and practical security feature.

Backup/Disaster Control

We monitor our data centers constantly and have redundancy at every layer of our application. All our data is backed up on a daily basis (on a separate server in a different data center) for protection against an unlikely event like a system wide failure or a data center loss.  In case of a hardware failure, our infrastructure shifts smoothly from our primary setup to our alternate setup while ensuring zero data loss (we work with multiple data centers to create redundancy).


Firewalls are a basic security measure that monitor incoming and outgoing data traffic to see which networks can be trusted and allowed access based on a set of rules such as trusted IP address, origin of connection request etc. Our platform and infrastructure is secured behind a constantly maintained hardware firewall which allows only known hosts to access this infrastructure. Simultaneously, all data on the platform is secured with high level encryption.

IP Whitelisting

IP whitelisting is a commonly used security measure which only permits specified IP addresses to access the environment, in our case, the Octane platform to retrieve data.  The term whitelisting is used in conjunction with blacklisting – which is, identifying the IPs that are being denied access to the platform. So how is this deployed? For example, if you have a dedicated office IP whitelisted to access the panel on the Octane platform, only that IP can be used to download data/reports from the panel. Any other IP or download attempt will be unauthorized and therefore not allowed to take a copy of the data.

The features above are just a few of the broad examples that we can share as a part of our security analysis. The Octane platform now handles approximately 500 million emails per month on an average and so there are a lot of campaigns, lists, data and reports to keep secure. We hope that some of this information will enhance the trust that so many of you place in our platform and will continue to leverage it for your campaigns and engagement efforts!


–          Team Octane


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