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It’s that time of the year, Clean your list for Email Marketing success

Marketers are demanding more from their email marketing campaigns. No longer happy with 7% open rates, they want higher output and impact. Unlike the principal belief that low open rate is due to irrelevant content, this also happens because your email list doesn’t have the right email ids.

Scrubbing your lists periodically can help you increase your inbox deliverability, as you delete contacts from your list that don’t open your emails or are irrelevant to the content that you generate. Cleaning lists can help marketers in many ways, like – decrease in bounce rate, increase in CTR, improves sender reputation, less spam complaints and unsubscribe rate.

Now that we know that cleaning lists can lead to better engagement, who is ready to take a deep dive into subscriber behaviour and start deleted the unwanted ids? Here are a few tips that will help you to clean your email list and see an instant surge in your email marketing KPIs:

  1. Wrong Email ids: Check every email id for being correct and working. People leave jobs and change email ids frequently; see if corporate ids are active and if not delete them from the list (or put them in a separate list). Also, check if people have registered with the correct email ids, if not delete them from your list. If you don’t do this frequently you will have a high hard bounce rate which will negatively impact your domain reputation.
  2. Don’t purchase lists: According to Octane’s unsubscribe report one of the top reasons why people subscribe from an email is because ‘they don’t remember signing up’. If you purchase lists it can result into more spam complaints and bounce rate which can lead to domain black listing. Re-inforce the subscriber consent in your email campaigns.
  3. Alias email ids: Keep in check that you don’t have noreply@abc.com, info@abc.com, support@abc.com or team@abc.com etc., alias email ids in your email list. These email ids have more chances to bounce.
  4. Activity check: Constantly keep check on who is opening and clicking your email campaigns. If an email id has seen no activity in the last 6 months either delete them or re-send them separate campaigns that will re-engage them. No activity adversely affects your campaign performance.
  5. Practice double opt-in subscription: Often consumers subscribe with wrong email ids or secondary email ids to avail an offer or download a paper. Double opt-in subscription process will make people put correct and primary email ids as they would have to accept the subscription twice.
  6. Welcome Programme: Create a good welcome programme to engage subscribers. However, Octane’s e-Marketing Study 2015 shares how India Marketers deploy Welcome Programme’s and it’s astonishing to see that 25% of India marketers don’t even have a welcome programme. Thank you email, offers, engaging content in the initial 60 days of subscription will keep your subscribers engaged. As you know, engaged customers = better email marketing KPIs = better marketing ROI.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge to scrub your list, it’s time to get started!

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– Team Octane