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A big News for all Marketers: Gmail Supports Responsive Design Mailers

Research says 56% of emails were opened on mobile devices and around 59% of emails are designed for responsive for mobiles. With so many potential customers opening emails on mobile, it’s essential that marketers optimize their sends for tablets and smartphones in addition to desktop computers. Luckily, Google has made that easier with their announcement […]

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Email Marketing: Octane’s New Features & their Uses

So you have been successful in capturing the attention of a potential customer but how do you keep that lead engaged? This month we’ve introduced several new features that will address this issue in a unique way and boost your marketing efforts to a whole new level. • Call Back URL Have you, as a […]

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Effectively Managing Brand Reputation Online

Managing your brand reputation online can be tricky. Today, there are multiple social networks with various content sources to monitor and digital marketers frequently find it difficult to pin down and measure the exact influence of their PR and email campaigns accurately. In a world of constantly posted tweets, status messages and blogs, the volume […]

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Smart Email Marketing Using List Management

It is said that an email campaign is as good as the list it is sent out to, and that’s why, digital marketers are always looking for ways to constantly improve the quality of their lists. While adding on new subscribers is easy, the one specific area where most marketers struggle is how to segregate […]

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Why is that Email Spam? Ask Gmail!

Google has recently announced a new feature related to Gmail spam filters. From now on, in addition to pushing the offending emails to the spam folder where they await extinction, the spam filter is also going to tell you why it thinks a particular message is spam. Spam – As explained by Google The Gmail […]

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