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Behavioural Targeting and SMS Integration on Octane

We all know that all marketers capture customer data. However, the main question is that, is this data put somewhere in a folder or is actually used for the benefit of your organization? With Behavioural Targeting you can achieve the latter.

Behavioural Targeting is the new feature on Octane Platform which allows marketers to send new campaign on the basis of the past campaign’s subscriber behaviour. A marketer can now send targeted emails to his/her subscriber list keeping in mind their Open, Click and Un-Opened activity for any campaign that was sent in the past. In future this will help marketers to get the best out of their email campaigns. Here is how Behavioural Targeting works on the Octane Platform:

Login to your account and select create send new email campaign. From the drop down menu of campaign type, select Behavioural Targeting.

Then like any other campaign give sender and subject line details and upload your mailer. The third step would be to choose your subscriber list. Here you choose the subscribers from a past campaign according to their behaviour, which specifies their action of Open, Click or Un-open. Once you do that, test and schedule the campaign for sending.

How do marketers benefit from Behavioural Targeting? Since you are sending your campaigns to people knowing their behaviour to your communication, you will be better prepared for the results. One, it has been observed that campaigns using the Behavioural Targeting see a significant amount of raise in open and click rates. Two, marketers aren’t dependent upon data analysts and can send targeted campaigns themselves. Lastly, its growth and integration for a marketer at its best!

Another new feature on Octane is the Transactional and Opt-in SMSs. After starting SMS Marketing to our platform, we realised the need of our customers to be able to send transactional and Opt-in SMS from Octane platform. We have defined this feature as per the laws by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India. This is how these SMS features work on the Octane platform:

After selecting SMS Campaigns, you have to register with your email id and mobile number to send SMSs. Within 24 hours with the help of OTP (One Time Password) your number and email id would be registered on the platform and then you can send SMS. You can choose from 3 kinds of SMSs Promotional, Transactional and Opt-in.

We already had Promotional SMSs on the platform; both Transactional and Opt-in SMSs are new add-ons. The basic difference between the two is that Transactional SMSs only occur when you have made a transaction and its information is reported to you. Whereas, Opt-in SMSs are messages you receive from organizations/brands when you have categorically given them your mobile number so that you can receive their updates.

Please see in the image below how you can send these email triggers as per the law.

Thereafter, you can design your SMS campaign and preview the same on the platform before you send the final campaign.

Hope these features will help you to get the best out of Email and SMS Marketing. We will be happy to get your feedback on this blog or on the features, please write to us at engage@octane.in.

– Team Octane

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