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AMP for Emails – Biggest thing on email after email!

The Email community got abuzz this week with Google’s announcement of AMP for email at their event in Amsterdam. This announcement has got many of us excited because AMP for email allows fully interactive emails on Gmail. Let me share some of the key insights on this latest transformation around emails. What is AMP: AMP […]

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The Top 7 strategies to re- activate the in-active Email Subscribers

This fact can’t be ignored that many opportunities and products are always struggling to get the attention of your customers and you must find a way to raise above all the noise with your offers or services. It is not that easy to win the confidence of your ex-subscribers but what if we tell you […]

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Cross Channel Communication

Marketers feel a constant need to innovate their communicating methods as people are constantly producing enormous data using numerous devices and channels. With the evolution of digital marketing, we have got multiple channels for marketers to communicate and find new audience. Earlier marketers aimed to choose a single channel usually the one which works the […]

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How to convert your traffic into leads?

Content marketing is one of the brilliant ways to fascinate traffic to a website. But converting that traffic into leads is a real challenging task. Not all the traffic that the marketers are able to draw to their website gets converted into the revenue, sales or leads! Here are the few tips to convert traffic […]

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Pest Control your Spam Rates!

Email deliverability is all about how you measure the success of your emails reaching the inbox without bouncing, or being marked as spam. And At Octane, we are very serious about email deliverability. A program that is used to filter out the unwanted emails and prevent those emails from getting to the recipient’s inbox is […]

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4 Ways to Segment your Email Campaigns for Better ROI

So you’ve got a list of e-mail addresses and you want to send out email campaigns to boost your ROI. Pretty justified! But sending out the same campaign to the entire list? Pretty vague! This is where segmentation bangs in, because an effective email marketing campaign is all about RELEVANCY i.e., sending the RELEVANT information […]

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10 Best Practices for Email Marketing in 2017

It’s been 45 years since Email was invented, yet this medium is more important than ever for the Digital Marketer. 56% India Marketers plan to allocate a majority of their budget to Email in 2017. And why not? Email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined and 40x more […]

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A big News for all Marketers: Gmail Supports Responsive Design Mailers

Research says 56% of emails were opened on mobile devices and around 59% of emails are designed for responsive for mobiles. With so many potential customers opening emails on mobile, it’s essential that marketers optimize their sends for tablets and smartphones in addition to desktop computers. Luckily, Google has made that easier with their announcement […]

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Email Marketing: Octane’s New Features & their Uses

So you have been successful in capturing the attention of a potential customer but how do you keep that lead engaged? This month we’ve introduced several new features that will address this issue in a unique way and boost your marketing efforts to a whole new level. • Call Back URL Have you, as a […]

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8 Tips to take your Email Marketing to the next level

So let’s start from the beginning. You find yourself wanting to send an email campaign about your latest product launch or a promotion of your existing product. You have your email database in hand and you want to reach your customers faster. And a second before you hit the send button you have a few […]

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