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A Brief Introduction to Responsive Mailer Design
The world is becoming ever more mobile, with people taking along their digital lives with them and always looking to be connected on the move. According to a recent study covering Indian mobile users by Octane Research (India Mobile Users Experience Monitor 2013), 64.2% of the respondents stated that their most preferred activity on their smartphones was checking email. This is where responsive email design comes into play. Responsive email design means that the email automatically adjusts itself to better utilize the display available for any given device This is why this month's Octane blog, titled 'A Brief Introduction to Responsive Mailer Design' talks about and explains how responsive mailer design can impact your email marketing.
Responsive Mailer Design
Responsive Mailer Design
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Manage Segments Feature Manage Segments Feature
We at Octane are proud to announce the release of another great new feature for the Octane platform. This feature allows you to create and manage segments or sub-groups of subscribers through specifically defined conditions such as campaign opens and link clicks. To view an informational release note on the manage segments feature,
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Triggers Feature Triggers Feature
In our ongoing effort to offer marketers the best tools and features, we are excited to share with you information about the Triggers feature. Triggers are pre-defined actions set to execute automatically when certain conditions are met. Actions can be like auto responding email campaigns or subscriber management in lists. To view an informational note on the triggers feature,
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Octane Webinar Understanding Transpromo: Why it's important for email marketers
The next edition of our live Octane webinar is on 18th September 2013 from 11:30am to 12:00pm. The topic for this webinar will be 'Understanding Traspromo:Why it's important for email marketers and it will be presented by Mr. Gagan Arora, Chief Marketing Officer of Printvenue.
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The Octane User Group TOUG Mumbai
The Octane User Group will be coming back to Mumbai on 25th September 2013! Like previous meets, we are once again looking forward to hosting two industry leading speakers covering two insightful topics. For more information about our User Group Meets including feedback, pictures and videos,
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Octane Event eTailing India Conclave
Team Octane will be at the eTailing Conclave in Chennai on September 20th 2013. The eTailing Conclave in Chennai will focus on the needs of Retailers and eCommerce companies to expand their business online and learn the best practices of the industry from the experts. Octane will have a booth at the conclave and we encourage everyone to register for the event and come out and meet us. For more information on the conclave,
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