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Tips, Tricks and the Importance of Subject Lines
As marketers, we all know that subject lines are one of the most important drivers for getting email campaign 'opens'. Users only get compelled to open an email based on two factors: The 'from name' and the 'subject line'. Now, there is not much one can do with the 'from name' but subject lines can be used extensively and creatively to drive forward your email campaign's success. This is why this month's Octane blog, titled 'Tips, Tricks and the Importance of Subject Lines' talks about and explains how subject lines can impact your email marketing.
Responsive Mailer Design
Responsive Mailer Design
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Tag Click Activity Feature Tag Click Activity Feature
This month, we are proud to announce the release of another great new feature for the Octane platform. The Tag Click Activity feature enables you to view the number of user activities associated with user clicks. That is, you are able to divide you mailer into regions, with the ability to assign a unique Tag to each. The feature gives you a clear idea about which Tags are popular and even gives you the details about who clicked on which specific Tag. It also shows separately the number of unique clicks and the total clicks so as to better present user behaviour. To view the informational note on the Tag Cick Activity feature,
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Understanding Transpromo Understanding Transpromo
Our September webinar was on the topic "Understanding Transpromo: Why it's important for email marketers" and was presented by Mr. Gagan Arora, who is chief marketing officer at Printvenue. It was an interesting session with some great questions and if you would like to see a recording of this interactive webinar,
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TOUG Mumbai TOUG Mumbai
The 14th edition of TOUG was held in Mumbai. We once again had two great sessions in this meet. The first one session was titled 'Email in a Social World' and it was presented by Mr. Sreekumar Vijaykumar (Founder and Managing Director - Trade Briefs). The second was presented by our very own, Mr. Samarth Saxena (COO & Co-Founder - Octane.in), who discussed the innovative new features recently developed and launched on the platform. For more information about the sessions and the speaker's presentations, Please Click Here >
The Octane User Group TOUG Delhi
The Octane User Group will be coming back to Delhi on 23rd October 2013. We are excited to announce two great sessions for this meet. For the first one we have Mr. Anshul Punhani (Chief Marketing Officer - Monster India, Middle East & South Asia) with the topic 'India Online: Changing Consumer'. The second session will be presented once again by Mr. Samarth Saxena, who will present in Delhi, the innovative new features recently developed and launched at Octane. Please Click Here for Event Details >
Performance Marketing Performance Marketing
The next Octane webinar is on October 22nd 2013 at 11:30am. We are pleased to announce that Mr. Sajal Gupta, head of performance marketing at NetworkPlay will present on the topic, "How to get the most out of your Performance Marketing".
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