May 2016


"An average user picks up their device 85 times a DAY - twice as often as they realise"

With the smartphone culture on rise, the question of how to best utilise these short interactions to enhance digital delivery and retention lingers. Rest Easy!!! has unearthed its archives to keep you abreast of these changing times.
India Mobile Users Experience Monitor 2013
Octane's Research Zone
"45% respondents used their handsets for both personal and business use"

To know more on some patterns and insights that you may find useful in your understanding of the Indian mobile user.
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5 Tips on Mobile Email Marketing
Simple Must Do's
Bringing to you from our experts in under 2 minutes. 5 Tips on Mobile Email Marketing: E-Marketing Decoded.
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Octane Blog
A trench to avoid
Lessons from failures are easy to etch than one from a success story
Be aware of these Common errors that you might want to steer clear from!!

How Brands Go Wrong on Social Media - Three Examples.
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Entreprise Connexions
Enterprise Connexions

"Business Intelligence Mailers have more than 35% click through rates."
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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
IAMAI's 12th Marketing Conclave
'Untangling Marketing Convolutions'
25-26 May 2016 @ Grand Hyatt, Mumbai


UnPluggd 2016
'India's Biggest Startup Conference'
6-7 May 2016 @ Park Plaza Hotel, Bangalore
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