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e-Marketing in India for 2014 is all about 'Igniting Engagement'
Igniting Engagement
It's that time of the year once again when we at Octane pour over data from our expansive annual e-Marketing survey, pivot long charts, crunch numbers, make graphs, design pages and launch the latest version of the Annual India e-Marketing Outlook. It's January and we are very excited to share with you that the fourth edition of our flagship e-Marketing research report is now ready! The theme that we derived from the analysis of the survey (with 400 participants from 344 companies) was that 2014 will be the year when expansive engagement really ignites between marketers and their customers.
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Gmail Image Caching Blog Gmail Image Caching Blog
Just when email marketers had started to understand the impact of the changes Google had made to Gmail with the inbox tabs, there is another change that has struck the email marketing world like a bolt of lightning. So what has Google done now? Is it good for our campaigns or bad? In this special blog post we let try to understand what's happening and how it might impact marketers. To read the post,
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DMAi Convention 2014 DMAi Convention 2014
DMAi convention is the annual flagship event of the DMAi (Direct Marketing Association of India) which sees the crème de la crème of Indian Marketing bandwagon congregate together. This time, the theme of the event is the ever changing nature of technology and how marketers must cope up with it. As partners to the DMAi, Team Octane will be there at the Convention in full force. To know more about the event,
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e-Marketing 2014 Outlook - Launch e-Marketing 2014 Outlook - Launch
We are very excited to share with you that the latest version of Octane's Annual India e-Marketing Research Report will be launched soon! In this 2014 edition, we saw the participation of 400 marketers from 344 organizations across India, voting for what they think are the prevailing trends and best practices of e-Marketing in India. This fourth version of the report called 'Igniting Engagement: The State of e-Marketing in India', will be launched at the DMAi convention on the 22nd of January 2014. To know more,
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