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How major changes in large ISP's are going to impact your Email Marketing
Some of you may know that Yahoo! recently announced a huge change in their email policies and Google rolled out their new tabbed inbox for Gmail on desktop as well as mobile devices. This means that the world of email marketing is undergoing a major changes and we here at Octane want to help you navigate through this sea of new information. This is why this month's Octane blog, titled 'How major changes in large ISP's are going to impact your Email Marketing' talks about and explains what these big changes are and how you can make them work for you.
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Octane Webinar Analytics and CRM in Email Marketing
Our August webinar was on the topic "Analytics and CRM in Email Marketing" and was presented by Mr. Praful Poddar, who is a product manager as well as a CRM and analytics expert at SnapDeal. If you would like to see a recording of this informative and interactive webinar, please click here.
Octane Video Social Media Tracker & Geo Locator
We at Octane are proud to announce the release of two great new features for the Octane platform. The first is the 'Social Media Tracker' feature which allows you to track your campaigns social media activity. The second feature is the 'Geo Locator' which enables you to view where each your emails have been opened geographically on a map. To view informational videos on each, please click here for Social Media Tracking or here for Geo Locator.
Messages TOUG Bengaluru
TOUG Bengaluru: The 13th edition of TOUG was held in Bengaluru for the first time. We once again had two great topics covered in this meet. The first one was 'Search Eco-System 2014: How to leverage the emerging trends in search' and it was presented by Mr. Sandeep Shrivastava (Director - Search at Microsoft India). The second topic was 'Data Driven Marketing: How to get more ROI from your email campaigns' and this was presented by Mr. Chetan Sharma (Head - Performance Marketing at Freecharge.in). For more information about the sessions and the speakers' presentations, please click here.
The Octane User Group TOUG Mumbai
The Octane User Group will be coming back to Mumbai on 25th September 2013! Like previous meets, we are once again looking forward to hosting two industry leading speakers covering two insightful topics. For more information about our User Group Meet including feedback, pictures and videos, please click here.
Octane Webinar DMAi Unwind Event
Octane is proud to announce that we will be co-hosts of the DMAi CMO Unwind Event in Mumbai on the 29th of August 2013. This event is an invite only informal gathering of top CMOs to unwind, network, share knowledge, exchange of ideas with each other. For information from past Unwind events, please click here.
Octane Webinar Understanding Transpromo
The next edition of our live Octane webinar is on 3rd September 2013 from 11:30am to 12:00pm. The topic for this webinar will be 'Understanding Transpromo: Why it is important for email marketers'. Click here to register for the upcoming webinar.
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